Get To Know Us!

The short and simple of it is, we love El Segundo. We love doing business here. We love the family-like community here. We love the support of local neighboring small, family owned businesses. Our vision for Gundo Tees is to create a line of high quality, premium apparel and accessories, to represent El Segundo, or as many of the locals refer to it, "Gundo."  We're passionate about offering pieces that are comfortable, causal, and fashion forward. A place to shop whether you're a long time local or just visiting our awesome little community.
We're always looking for new activities in the community to engage in. If you have an event you would like to us to attend and set-up a Pop-Up, please reach out.
We also offer custom hats that are printed Live on site. Super fun and interactive for parties and special events. 


Acknowledgements:  Creating our store and the importance of seeing that it felt like you were driving down Main St. Seeing the familiar Landmarks, and murals, that makes El Segundo so unique. We reached out to local photographer Kayla Sherman, who has creatively captured many murals of local artists. Kayla was more than accommodating, allowing us to feature her work, giving Gundo Tees the authentic feel of "El Segundo and we cannot thank her enough. Please check out her amazing images on Instagram @photosbyladyk

 *If you are the artist of any of these murals, we would like to credit you on you work.